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Small Businesses


Like Every Living Thing Your
Brand Needs Care & Attention


Like all great creations, your brand begins with a single moment. It begins with a project.

It could be something as simple as a creative branding consultation, which identifies your uniqueness and shows you how to bring it out into the open. It might be a new logo; a website design or redevelopment; a launch campaign; or a project that unifies your brand presence across multiple channels. The key to bringing your brand alive could be technology – a social media programme, or an app that showcases your products, services and personality in an inspired and intuitive way.

We’re not talking about putting you in a box. At Sii we don’t believe in walls. Our creatives are responsive, flexible, freeform. They coalesce naturally into the perfect team – the designers; developers; analysts; and brand consultants you need to do the job that puts you on the map.

Being a young brand in the digital age is exciting. The opportunities for reaching an audience of fans and evangelists are unlimited. Mobile technology, app creation, seamless and fluid websites for PC and tablet – together they make up the landscape in which your brand will live and thrive.

To make the most of the opportunities in front of you, you need direction; and talent; and love. Not just the talent you have for coming up with the idea at the heart of your brand, or the love you’ve got for what you do, but the experience and passion of an outside agency. That’s where we come in.  We believe in you, and we’ve got the vision to make the world believe in you too.