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Medium Businesses


Like Every Living Thing Your
Brand Needs Care & Attention


Being a medium sized brand isn’t easy. You’ve got an audience, you’ve got a website you’ve been using successfully. But your market is crowded with competitors.

You’re always looking for the magic bullet that helps you break away from the pack: the latest advance in technology, the slickest web presence, the quickest response to a change in your brand landscape.

Sii’s developers; designers; brand analysts; and digital creatives are here to put together the projects that give you the space you need to grow. We’re delighted by technology. We revel in it. We love to put together the app that engages your audience, the site that elegantly and flexibly plugs you into current online trends. With round the clock dedication, competitive pricing and lightning turnaround, we’re who you call when you need to react fast.

Expansion is exciting – but it’s also dangerous. As your brand grows you can lose sight of the things that make you who you are. Our consultants keep your voice strong and unique: across platforms, across boundaries and through all the stages of your development. When you take on new staff and move into new areas, we’ll be there to make sure that your communications never forget how to make statements that turn audience members into lifelong fans. Personal brand managers create projects that direct not just what you do but how you do it, giving you the tools you need to talk the talk where it matters most.

Our full service packages provide everything from development and rebranding to image management; photo shoots; infographic design; and web animation.

We create. We manage. You grow.