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Everyone has marketing needs. The question is, how big are yours? And how much can you really afford to pay for them? Sii’s come up with a solution. Four perfectly pitched annual subscriptions designed to give you big discounts on vital on and offline promotion and design. Every Sii subscription package comes with out of hours assistance from a personal design consultant. As well as working on your design, branding and marketing, your consultant is there to help you get the most from your credits.


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Need help choosing the right plan or just want more information? See below

  1. Why Sii?

    Because Sii Creative is more than just a design company. We’re digital geniuses, marketing gurus and master printers. We’re brand analysts, campaign managers and content writers. We’re web developers and app creators. We’re graphic designers and animators. From your social media presence to your product packaging, we’re the people who make your brand speak.

  2. Why subscribe?

    Branding doesn’t happen in one project. It’s an ongoing evolution. Every product you launch, every service you create, every word you say to your consumers – it’s all part of the process. From smart new brochure design to web banners and whiteboard animation. Subscription gives you access to all these great services at a reduced price. You won’t get a better deal and you won’t find a more comprehensive list of service options.

  3. So how does it work?

    Subscribing is simple. Start by deciding which package works best for you: SiiForty, SiiSixty, SiiEighty or SiiHundred. You get access to all the killer Sii services no matter what package you go for – but you get more for your money, and more free stuff, the higher up the service ladder you go. Choose SiiForty, and you’ll get £400 worth of services every month, for just £99. Choose SiiHundred, and it’s £2,500 for £499!

  4. Choosing your package

    What’s it to be? Great value for start-ups that want a small amount of branding and development every month, or extraordinary savings for small businesses who have plenty of ongoing work needing the special Sii touch? Take a look at the benefits you get with each package, and compare the savings you’ll make by looking at the “monthly value” figures. You’ll get a bigger discount off additional services if you choose a higher package.

  5. Sign on the dotted line

    Sign up for your chosen package by clicking the “Subscribe now” button. You’ll be taken to a form asking for personal and company details. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information, or a logo to upload: you can ask us to create one for you once you’ve signed up.

  6. Select your services

    Each subscription package entitles you to a certain amount of free design work each month. We have more than 40 design services on the list, including packaging label design, brochure design and promotional merchandise creation. Your subscription also includes access to your own personal design assistant, who’ll help you to use your subscription credits to best effect.

  7. Spend your credits

    Each subscription service has a price in credits – an 8 page brochure will set you back 2400 credits, for example, while a social media banner design is 1200 credits. Your credits reset at the end of each month, so it’s best to spend them all: giving you plenty of opportunity to spread your design work throughout the year.

  8. Plan your presence

    We’d recommend talking to your dedicated design assistant about plans for product launches, new services or seasonal promotions. That way we can help you to allocate your credits wisely. Think of it as buying a whole annual marketing budget for as little as £99 per month.