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Sii Loves 44

Sii loves… Smoking zebras, a delicious promotion and the dawn of the Robot Age

21 07 2015


Grappa Al Mulinetto design

Picture the preliminary meeting. Your client comes into the office and tells you they produce a product so rare, only 150 bottles of it are made every year. It’s a grappa, and one of the finest on the planet. You’ve got to come up with a label design. It has to highlight the exclusivity of the product and pique the interest of the consumer. And it has to do it all in a space the size of your palm.

What do you do?

A perfect line drawing of a zebra in a top hat and tailcoat, smoking a cigar and wearing kid gloves on its human arms. Obviously. Love this label. Little bit jealous, actually…


Anna Ropalo’s Guilty Pleasures

If you’re a talented graphic designer looking for work, what do you do? Bombard the internet with hopeful emails? Hang out on Facebook pages hoping to get some Likes? Nope. You package up some incy wincy bottles of vodka with bars of scrummy chocolate, and put them in a presentation box – with all the labelling designed by you.

Judging by Anna Ropalo’s website, she’s both talented and employed, so presumably those presentation boxes are working like the treats they are. Good. Premiered at her Portland State University portfolio showcase, these are our favourite calling cards evs. Awesome.JULIETTE_CURIOSITY_ON

Pepper the robot

Holy crap. The Age of Robots has landed, and we didn’t even notice. In a move that has almost too-creepy tie-in potential with the recent launch of Channel 4’s Humans, Japanese company SoftBank is set to release a mechanised mini-person for general sale.

Pepper, a little bot supposedly capable of reading and reacting to human emotions, can also remember faces. Its freakily human gestures are facilitated by an arrangement of over 20 motors, and some deeply complex arm articulations.

According to SoftBank, Pepper is going to be a regular house-bot, assisting families and caring for the elderly. The company is aiming to shift 1,000 units per month. Has it never seen I, Robot?

If you want us, we’ll be hiding under the sofa.

Written by Robert Ferrier