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School Safety Award


Judicium provides a range of support services to UK schools, including health and safety consultancy. They wanted an accreditation mark, which branded them as an independent and trusted provider of health and safety training and certification – and which schools could use as evidence of their own commitment to the safety of children, staff and visitors. We developed a bright, arresting logo based on the double “S” of “school safety”, suitable for display on certificates; wall plaques; printed literature and web material. The bottom curve of the “S” features an image in which three children of varying ages and sexes hold hands: symbolising the journey towards matured development in health and safety awareness every accredited school has taken, as well as the inclusive nature of the award.

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It’s another Sii project: perfectly designed, brilliantly delivered. If you’d like to get involved with some creative genius of your own, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!