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Nu Nails

LogoPrint Design

NuNails is one of the brightest brands we’ve ever worked with – literally! A globetrotting independent mobile nail technician, whose nail designs are nothing short of amazing, this one needed something sophisticated, exotic and really eye-catching. We started with the lacquered look of the colour for the logo, and experimented with a few world fonts before we settled on a design influenced by Moroccan script: urban, casual and glamorous. The logo informs all NuNails branding, and was used as the central theme in a postcard campaign that we managed for the company. There’s nothing like beauty to get us excited about what we do, and this was one of the best…

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It’s another Sii project: perfectly designed, brilliantly delivered. If you’d like to get involved with some creative genius of your own, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!