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We loved everything about MyShoeB. Finally, a company that understands the real importance of shoes – providing a whole online community for fellow shoe-lovers around the world! MyShoeB is a blog community and mobile app for every fashion-conscious web user, ensuring you never need go without the perfect match for your outfit ever again.

We developed the MyShoeB brand identity from the ground up (no pun intended), with just the right mix of fun and reverence for the staple diet of every true fashionista. The website came next, involving some shoe-related photo trickery on our part; and of course we designed the all-important app too. Our logo pins everything together – a funky red riff on a shoelace and eyelet.

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Sii delivered superbly - very professional work with brilliant creative input and excellent interpretation of our requirements. I'm new at this so I had a lot of questions and I'm sure I was a little indecisive. I really appreciate how helpful and patient the team were.