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Be Inspired Fitness

LogoStationery Design

This one’s all about the power of movement. Be Inspired Fitness aims to provide personal trainers, physiotherapists and other fitness professionals with the tools they need to provide better service to their clients: achieving goals, breaking barriers and connecting with complementary businesses. We developed a logo and branding for Be Inspired that concentrates on the ideas of motion and teamwork. The graphic in the logo is based on working muscles and moving limbs, and we used three iterations of it to reinforce the idea of power through combining resources. We kept the first word in the business name solid, and used an italicised, emboldened version of the font for “Inspired”.

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It’s another Sii project: perfectly designed, brilliantly delivered. If you’d like to get involved with some creative genius of your own, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!