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Our Story


Like Every Living Thing Your
Brand Needs Care & Attention

Inspiring Small Businesses

In the beginning, there was an idea. To find a voice for brands who couldn’t afford the high prices charged by most creative agencies.

To give an identity to small businesses and startups whose budgets prevented them from having an identity.

To bring these brands into the light, where they could grow.

It was about helping you reach your full potential. Making high quality design accessible. Because the essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.

It was about making moments that take your breath away. Sticking your neck out to take the next creative leap into a world where boundaries exist only to be smashed.

With a bespoke mix of essential ingredients – spectacular brand management; trend-defining app design; future-proof web development; purposeful social media management; heart-stopping imaging – we’d find the place you want to get to, and take you there.

So we did.

We called it Sii. Three simple letters that spell a universe of difference.

Come with us to a place where imagination makes your business bloom. Where we work tirelessly and simultaneously to deliver amazing designs across every platform. Where look, feel and technology work together to make your voice accessible to all.

Welcome to our world.

Welcome to your inspiration.