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Why do I need a brand strategy?

Your brand is the foundation of your business. The bigger the company, or the more places you’re trying to reach (social media, website traffic, print media), the more important it is to have a coherent brand strategy, which keeps your voice clear and compelling. In other words: brand strategy helps you find the real personality of your business, and that helps you talk persuasively to your audience.

The web changes so fast. Will I need to rebrand or redevelop every time?

No. Our web developers, app developers and brand strategists have a huge amount of experience. They create fluid, flexible and future-proof solutions, which work on all platforms and are designed to scale into the next technologies. Our one-off projects are open-ended, so they can be adapted to future tech; and our subscription service keeps you up to date on a monthly basis.

Who owns the copyright to my brand design material?

We release all copyright and intellectual property to you once the project has been completed and the invoice paid. In the case of subscription services, you will own all copyright pertaining to work paid for to date.

Do you supply branding guidelines for use outside Sii projects?

Yes. If we develop logos or any other visual branding for you, we’ll supply them with full guidelines on how to use them to retain a unified brand personality. If you use our subscription service, all of your branding can be done by your dedicated Sii team.

Do you provide package services?

Yes. We deliver two types of service – one off projects and subscription packages. There are three levels of subscription, all of which entitle the user to 24 hour dedicated account management and significant discounts on our services.

How do we start?

We begin by discussing your business, your brand and your objectives in detail – we can do this over the phone, on Skype, in person or at a Google+ Hangout. Our mission is always to deliver clear communication as frequently as you require. We are always available during office hours and offer out of hours support to subscription clients.

Do you design internationally?

Absolutely. We have worked for clients from nearly every continent, and pride ourselves on the global reach of our work. The digital universe is a world without boundaries. We have creative connections everywhere, and a little black book full of service providers in every part of the world. If you need business cards in Calcutta, we’ll have them printed close enough to be couriered to you.

What makes Sii different?

We believe in design without limits. There are no walls between our services, and there’s nothing you can’t have without paying extra. At Sii, there are no bolt-ons and no hidden costs. We give you bespoke service, tailored exclusively to the needs of your brand.

How quickly can you complete my project?

We understand that in the modern business world, everything happens yesterday. So we’ve developed a network of top class designers, developers and brand consultants, primed and ready to go whenever you need us. You tell us when your project has to be finished – and we’ll get it done.

I don’t want anyone knowing my business information…

We take client confidentiality extremely seriously. Our staff is bound by a cast iron non-disclosure agreement, and all of your data is held only on powerfully encrypted servers. If you would like to talk to anyone about our security arrangements, please contact us.

What are your package prices?

We offer three packages. They’re all annual subscriptions, and they all work through a monthly fee – so you sign up for twelve instalments of your payment. You’ll find full pricing details on the Packages page. We’ve worked out our package prices to give you a choice on the amount of services you get to use for a year – all of them give you 24 hour dedicated support and discounted design, but the upper levels also give you access to things you may have taken care of already – photos, for example. This way, you never have to pay for anything you don’t need.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is based on the principles of flexibility and fluidity. We make sure your web content looks and feels amazing no matter what device or connection type your audience is using. Content is tailored to device: so for example a smartphone version of your site may make much heavier use of pinching, sliding and tapping commands.

Does that mean I need a separate site for every device?

We can make perfectly optimised versions of your site for all the devices your audience is likely to use. Research shows that device use is split roughly equally between smartphones, PCs and tablets. Making truly optimised content for each is one of the key ways to develop profitable engagement with your customers and clients.

Can you help me with social media?

Social media is one of the most important ways for you to connect with your audience. It’s also one of the toughest. We love it. We’ve spent a decade following its development and we’re right there at the forefront of what it can do. Our in house specialists do nothing except design social media engagement strategies for your brand – helping you to build, hold and eventually influence a huge audience. We recommend subscription membership for this service, as social media management only works properly when done continually.

Do you do branding that isn’t digital?

Our focus is on the total impact of your brand. We design packaging, print media and marketing collateral (all printed materials used to back up your main marketing streams). The most valuable marketing collateral for your brand will depend on your market sector and industry.